Blue Sun Poles - Energising Australia

Blue Sun Poles owes its existence to a perceived need for an experienced and reliable supplier with an extensive knowledge of the industry, one who can offer first class products at competitive prices and with reasonable lead times. Blue Sun’s directors have been involved with an integrated local manufacturing plant which over 10 years built a solid reputation for supplying poles of a consistent high quality and in the case of decorative/architectural poles, a first class finish. Blue Sun’s directors have varied local manufacturing interests and can offer a diverse array of experience along with local proto-typing and manufacturing solutions.

Paul Davis - CEO/Director
Tony Evans - Sales Manager/Director
Mark Valentine - Director

Paul comes to us with 25 years experience in the Queensland Electricity Industry where he worked in varying roles that drew upon his background as an Electrical Engineer,,, Read More

Tony’s background is steeped with experience in the pole industry with previous post’s being with Interpole, International Poles as well as with GM Poles. Tony brings a world of experience to Blue Sun Poles.

Mark was the founding member and a director of Interpole Pty Ltd and is also the CEO of Turbon Engineering and Co. who are specialist suppliers to industry. Mark is also the CEO of Mailmaster Letterboxes.