Blue Sun appoints new CEO

Paul comes to us with 25 years’ experience in the Queensland Electricity Industry where he worked
in varying roles that drew upon his background as an Electrical Engineer. From roles in the State’s
Electricity Control Centres, supporting the Energy Management Systems that monitor Queensland’s
Transmission and Generation backbone, to Managing teams of Technologists and Engineers
developing maintenance and test plans for the Grid Infrastructure. We feel Paul comes well
equipped to understand the Electricity connection rules and give our customers confidence in sound
advice for their property service pole requirements and with an inquisitive mind to strengthen his
understanding of all things Poles.



Special Poles for Asset Protection

Blue sun was challenged to design a series of 25m poles which would allow a cable to be tensioned between them for a span of 160 metres and for this cable to have no more than a 1 metre sag. This meant that an approximate load of 15000 kg would be applied to the cables and subsequently transferred through to the poles. As the pole was designed “as a pole” and not a tower this meant deploying the use of critically  placed guy wires as well as ensuring a suitable foundation system was in place.

The purpose of these cables (set up in series) is to provide lighting protection to the electrically sensitive assets stored underneath it. This was another job successfully completed by Blue Sun Poles. Location: Mid Jungle -5.579769, 150.181738



Blue Sun wins Export Contract

We were chosen to supply road lighting for a major highway project in P.N.G. Comprising over 250 poles fitted with double outreach arms and foundation systems these poles were engineered and manufactured for a tough environment and supplied in a tight delivery time frame of 8 weeks.