Engineering certification is available for all our poles and if this is required for your installation please specify this in your quote request as well as all the following details;

1. Pole Type and application
2. Luminaire mounting height
3. Type and Quantity of Luminaire, including luminaire size and weight and mounting detail as well as any control gear detail
4. Wind Region and Terrain category of the installation area
5. Soil Report if Foundation System Certification is required
6. Mounting Type (i.e. in-ground, flange, slip base/frangible)

Poles types can be, straight pipe poles, pipe poles with reducing transitions (generally a larger base section for control gear), Square Poles, Octagonal Tapered or Round Tapered Poles (Square and round pipe poles are generally constrained to a length no greater than 12 metres tall). These poles can also be mid hinged (see saw) for ease of luminaire maintenance and can be made from Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel or a combination of all three.

Please Note: Our quote may be only based on information supplied so the more information the more accurate the quote.

Pad Foundation System for Large Floodlight Pole

Assembly of Multiple Tapered Pole Elements

Why is Engineering so Important - See Video below of an engineering phenomenon called Vortex Shedding